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    • RT @karachikhatmal: BREAKING: Almost definitely fake account of Pakistan Ministry of Defence reports that teary-eyed command has killed Faz… 1 day ago
    • Unconfirmed reports that Fazlullah is dead. Leaves you wondering what kept him alive this long if it took a few days of resolve to kill him. 1 day ago
    • Wish people would come out at every city, every chowk and reclaim the mosques and narratives from the hands of rabid Mullahs #LalMasjid 1 day ago
    • What do you plan to do when the next crop of Jihadis (beloved Lashkar-e-Taiba walas) get out of your hands? #AskGHQ 1 day ago
    • RT @MJibranNasir: Copy of the FIR against Abdul Aziz under Section 105 and it is non bailable. We have done it #Islamabad #Pakistan http://… 1 day ago
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