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    • حکایت کمال کی تھی ، خطابت رگوں میں آتش دو چار جام ایمان منانے کو پی گئے #UrduPoetry 22 hours ago
    • RT @omar_quraishi: Court passes judgment favouring PTI --> Izzat Maab Judge Sahiban ... Court passes judgment PTI doesn't approve of --> Lo… 4 days ago
    • Every major jalsa makes ardent fans of on-the-fence supporters and casual critics (goes for all political parties). So much for consistency. 6 days ago
    • Most avid political supporters tend to go from sensible to the far south of batshit crazy in a matter of seconds. 1 week ago
    • 'And so, after a long road of misery, thou shall teeter on the brink of uncertainty until the wind whisks you away' 3 weeks ago
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