Nostalgic reminiscences of school days – I

March 11, 2009 § 16 Comments

It feels so good to tread back along memory threads and go to days bygone and take in the good contained in them. For a few moments, at least for a few moments that gives such a fine escapade from the unhappy realities of present.

Yesternight, I don’t how or why, all of a sudden I found myself thinking of all those bygone days of school-life. It was such fun!!! I feel ecstatic by just thinking about them!! I was in the senior most grade at ‘British International School’ and we used to have so much fun. We’d go into the lab, play games on the PCs, bunk classes and make for the canteen, puncture the tyres of our teachers’ bikes and do all sorts of naught and non-sense. Even in the class it was no less with our little strength of 10 and the teacher. I remember the frequent times when I was fined for being so impish. We were caught running through the corridors and laughing and shouting once and had to serve a hands-up in sunlight for half-an-hour. I even suggested acting and mock-fainting but the rest outrightly rejected the suggestion. I guess they weren’t as good actors as me. xD

Ah…acting reminds of something too. In the second year at school, at the Annual Function, I played ‘The prince’ in ‘Snowwhite and the seven dwarfs.’ That was the first ever time I was to act and when I wore that silky, white shirt I was told to wear, I was like….what the hell!! And my family teased me alot over it, my sisters particularly. Anyway, it was fun. Only that…..the ‘Snow White’ complained of being touched too lightly to be felt when I had to touch her to bring her to life. xP Well….that was just the start. Next year, I was the ‘woodcutter’ in ‘Little Red Riding Hood.’ And in the 2nd year of O’levels, it was my turn to be ‘Salman'(yeh the character was my own name xD) in the drama ‘Fatima Burnavi’ from Urdu textbook. I loved acting in them all and it was so much fun rehearsing over and over, the proud feeling of leaving the classroom amid lectures when called to rehearse and having to do it umpteen times….it all was such fun!!

And then there was this Independence Day Celebrations when I performed with my fellas on the national song ‘Aay Jawan’ by Awaz. We danced which was more like ‘bhangra’ and it was awesome!! I also was part of a ‘qawali’ written by our Urdu teacher and which was a damn funny one!!

We’d play cricket or football in the hot, baking afternoons of Multan’s summers or hang about the little canteen of ‘Usman Bhai’ where my ‘udhar’ often mounted to hefty amounts. xD The indoor activities were no less prankish. We’d play cricket inside the small classroom, pull chairs from under each other, place thumbpins on seats to see the fun of people sitting on them and shooting up with light’s!! Well….thanksfully, we never got hurt or hurt someone through those pranks of ours.

I love those days. So far, if I’m asked to decide, I’d call them the best days of my life for it was absolute carefree-ness that marked those years. The worst nightmare and the greatest worry was the exams and the most pressing issues were winning elections for School Presidency and Class Presidency.(I lost the former and won the latter twice xP)

The best part of these memories is to have him back then. Without him, it seems unreal. Everything seems incomplete. Abu would drop me at school and pick me at the off timings. I’d go to Parent-Teacher Meetings with him and gather his praises and scoldings and advices. I loved being with him – it felt so great, so awesome!! I wish I could go back to those days, have him all to myself and my childish inquiries and wishes.

Alas….it never recedes for time’s tread is just one-sided. And at the end of the day, it’s just those pleasant and so-nostalgic memories of the bygone days that I’m left with to cherish.

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