Career decisions :S

March 11, 2010 § 34 Comments

I’ve been quite lost about the future prospects of my career and the fate of this parchement I’d earn after four years of doing nothing. Literally speaking, I feel like I learned barely anything in the last three years while I’ve been at the university and the next year wouldn’t be any exception. And I keep asking me was it worth it to waste four precious years of my life stuck here. But the answer from within is a rather reprimanding whisper, telling me that it was my own choice to go for Software Engineering in the face of strong opposition from both family and peers.(though I never though I may end up here! :@)

Nonetheless, I still reserve the right to cite my opinion now that I’m deep into this….well…engineering. Maybe I was indeed right about going for this discipline back then but through the last three years, I have indeed changed alot and my ideas about nearly everything have taken a shift. It’s because of this, perhaps, that I find engineering or for that matter, any technical field of education, no longer interesting or even worth going for. Rather, I wish I’d have pursued a degree in social sciences or something much more indulging for me like physics or mathematics.

I was stirred to this streak of though by my room mate today who quite brazenly declared to me that MIT admits students in the post-graduate courses only if one has been a graduate from MIT. Quite appalled, I rushed online and checked it out, only to find it stood true for only a few courses. I actually plan to take GRE in my final year and apply for a scholarship at one of the Ivy Leagues for a degree in social sciences. For now, my dice is stuck at Political Science. But it keeps inclining towards Creative Writing. I honestly need to take some week off in solitude and ask myself what exactly is it that I want from/in life. Because for now, it’s a blank slate which, a while ago, was filled with a lot of ambitions. But all of them are gone in a matter of these two years or so.

So for now, I am quite lost. I really, really need to decide something for me or the sheer disorientation is quite maddening, even when it’s dampened by the frequent indulgences into extra-curriculars.

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§ 34 Responses to Career decisions :S

  • Madiha says:

    It has happened with me alotta times too.But I’m done with my states of confusions, Just
    Do what your heart prompts Salman!

  • Zoe says:

    Why is it that a lot of students find themselves wondering whether they chose the right career just when they are about to graduate?
    I feel the same and honestly speaking, it’s one annoying and depressing state of mind.
    Good Luck, nonetheless. I’m sure you’ll figure things out soon.

  • Mayhem says:

    How does it feel to see your dreams vanish? *bitter smile*
    I know that so much…

  • Hassan Raza says:

    Dont lose heart bro…. keep searching out… where there is will there is way………Hope and say……… all is well :P

  • Muneeb says:

    well good luck with that :P….me on the other hand find myself lucky…glad to have chosen a field that i find more than just interesting……exploring new languages is just awesome :D and thats just a part of it

  • Uni says:

    Well … weren’t you interested in pursuing AI? But for that, I know there is limited scope here!

    However, I would advise you to judge a particular career step by how much your enthusiastic level is

    Definition: Enthusiastic level is defined as the percentage of how much one’s heart WANTS a particular thing.

    That alone, should be the correct guide, and point you in the right direction. Software engineering: Writing code, Creative Writing: Writing what you want :P

    It’s your choice!

  • M. M. says:

    It’s very simple. You can’t limit yourself to writing. I’m not saying it ’cause of what the world says. That you gotta earn for yourself. You can’t make enough money to fill your tummy as a writer. Blah blah.

    I’m saying it ’cause, Salman, YOU really can’t limit yourself to writing. If you’d do that, you’d soon find yourself in a similar state as you’re now.

    I feel you can really be satisfied where you can make use of all your talents, capabilities and interests. I don’t consider even CSS a good option for you now. An MBA HR or Masters in Social Sciences is a better option. For me, MBA HR is meant for you. You won’t just be making use of your speaking and writings skills but would also be giving back to the society, doing good for others, as you say you want to. And then there’s an element of Mathematics and such subjects too in MBA. To be precise, it’s an amalgam of what you’d really LOVE to study and you can always concentrate on creative writing during your vacations.

    Anyway, it’s upto you in the end. I’m here to suggest only. But whatever you decide, please do so with an clear mind. I know you love writing…but do you love it enough to do without your other interests and talents? Or would you prefer a career where Salman Latif is wholly making use of himself?


  • Salman Latif says:

    Eventually, that’s what am gonna do :)
    But for now, my heart wants just too much :D

    Waisay honestly speaking,I’ve been feeling that right from my second year :D Actually, I chose software engineering thinking it would be something creative and interesting. And although I find coding interesting, the little bit that I know of it that is, it still gets boring at times. And the interaction with the environment, society is literally non-existent :S

    • Zoe says:

      Obviously if it is “software engineering”, the only interaction on-campus is going to be with machines rather than people :P. Okay, I’m just messing.

      I guess all of us get bored of the monotony sometimes. we’re humans after all =)

  • Salman Latif says:

    It feels like being off-ground, hanging mid-air, away from a solid footing to premise yourself upon……’s agonizing but nonetheless, it teaches alot.

    Lol. It’s buddies like you that make these four years bearable, fella ;)

    You are not just lucky. You are very lucky if that’s so!! :)

  • Salman Latif says:

    I still am very interested in AI since it involves a research into human brain and thoughts and linguistics. However, apart from its scope, none is even willing to teach the subject at my uni since none is good enough to do so. So there goes my dream of pursuing AI :(

  • Zoe says:

    There is book called “Phantoms in the brain” by Vilayanur Ramachandran. Read that, you’ll like it ;)

  • Salman Latif says:

    That was quite a detailed analysis you know :P
    Thanks for it – it has me more inclined toward Mba now :P
    And I know MBA would really suit me and I am very interestd in it but well…then it seems bit too convenient :P

  • AS says:

    You may choose whatever you want, but a sincere advise which is my personal experience as well is to do ‘istikhara’ .It will really make things easy .The path that is better will inshaAllah make its own ways.You can simply say two nafal and make dua.

  • Umer Toor says:

    I want to be an RA in all fields of human knowledge!

  • Rick says:

    “”telling me that it was my own choice to go for Software Engineering in the face of strong opposition from both family and peers.(though I never though I may end up here!””

    Opposition from family and peers for Soft. engg??

    Had u been an Indian , your family’s reaction would have been totally opposite!!!

    • Salman Latif says:

      Lol I know. Most students face that here in Pakistan.

      And well…thanks for the suggestion and wish :) I still have more than a year to decide, so am taking it easy and slow :P

  • M. M. says:

    GET LOST :l
    Why don’t you take it this way? It’s meant for you – THAT’S WHY it seems convenient. (:

  • Rick says:

    “And the interaction with the environment, society is literally non-existent”

    Take my advice and go for MBA and try and be a social entrepreneur….!

    South Asia needs jobs for the millions of poor people….try and contribute to that since u are inclined towards “social service” i guess….

    An example…check this out :
    a courier service employing only deaf adults…..started by Dhruv Lakra ,an MBA from Said Business School, Oxford University, class of 2009 here in Mumbai

    Take care and best of luck 4 ur future

  • M. M. says:

    “social entrepreneur”
    That sounds interesting (:

  • Leatherface says:

    Ooooo .. Salman bhai .. aisay he hota hai .. you loved SE so much then .. you did not find it much interesting when u got into it .. same thing can happen(or could have happened) with the other fields which are tempting you right now (studies tou studies he hoti hein afterall :P) .. you have spent so much time .. energy .. and money of your parents here and you are just speaking of putting all that into a waste by giving a 90-degree turn to your career :D
    i think the field work in Software engineering wont be that boring .. MBA will give you management + technical .. thats good but social sciences .. i think you are already very good at them and u can still learn such stuff as a hobby :P
    chota mun badi baat .. You are my senior and more experienced .. but .. ’tis my say :P

  • umer says:

    Why not managing more than one things at a time? If you want to do MBA, do it and keep doing other things you like on your own?

  • Salman Latif says:

    The problem with my SE-choice was that I didn’t investigate much into it – I just found computers and internet interesting and didn’t know what exactly would be the actual studies like.
    I guess MBA would be a good choice afterall – but well…nevertheless, other fields have vast learning potentials. And I wish to learn more so than make a career :)
    And your suggestion is very welcome :)

    That’s a fine option. But still….’other things’ are much more in their respective field that the treatment I can give them in the capacity of extra-curricular :P Like….I may keep writing but the real learning I’d get in a regular Creative Writing course would lend me much more.
    Anyway, I am letting it off my head for now – I can afford to wait another 1.5 years to make that choice :D

  • Nobodoy says:

    I’m a computer programmer! I started college majoring in Physics (like my father) but discovered I didn’t like it. So I switched to Mathematics, which I liked, but decided I would never be able to get a job I liked, so I decided to drop out of college for a while until I decided. I got a job at the Planetary Sciences lab at well……an Aerospace company where my father was a manager :)

    When I was in college, I’d taken a couple of computer classes and thought, well, this is fun but I sure wouldn’t want to do it for a living :) But that was with punch cards (yes, I’m THAT old *sigh* :) When I got to my first “real” job, I had a computer with graphics and floppy disks (wow! lol!) and I fell in love. Since then, I’ve taught myself almost everything I know about computers and have programmed in over 30 computer languages.

    I can’t imagine doing anything else!

    And if anybody suspected who I was, they could use this little bit of information to confirm my real identity! But then again, maybe I should :)

    Maybe I’m too paranoid.

  • shanefatima says:

    lolz. Same the case with me ,couldnot realize yet , my field of excellence. some time it seems i am just passing my time for nothing well defined. Actually we are lacking career councelling in our system. also creativity lacks some where

  • Yasser says:

    //I feel like I learned barely anything in the last three years while I’ve been at the university and the next year wouldn’t be any exception//

    well that’s usual feeling when one get’s graduated or reaching his graduation point that he doesn’t know much in his field, especially when it comes to BS software(personal experience), since you are in 3rd year, i suggest you to make a good research for final year project, highlight the factors which one will help you in getting a good job, for the time being thinking about political science and other can only divert your concentration from your current path and might result in disadvantage position because still you are going to complete your graduation with BS(software) aren’t you, anyhow you can choose political science or etc after graduation if you think that it interests you more since it’s your life :-), for the time being i suggest you to go on 5th gear towards finalizing your BS Software and follow the currents and enjoy the ride wherever it may takes you :-)
    kal kee kal sochay gay, graduation kay baad ;-)

  • Umer Latif says:

    @Yasser: Well said.

  • Dev!l says:

    lol well i knwo how u feel -.-‘ i so wanted to go into an arts field like mass communication or psycho or even communication studies or hr but nooo -.-‘ not allowed x.x damn now i am stuck in a degree i have no idea about xd actually no one has an idea about my degree xD ah well -.-‘ but i learnt one thing in uni xD:P GIRLS PROSPER GUYS GO TO HELL -.-‘

  • AmtunNur says:

    @Literally speaking, I feel like I learned barely anything in the last three years while I’ve been at the university and the next year wouldn’t be any exception.

    Isn’t it same with ‘most’ of the s.w. engineering/cs students?

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