A walk in the town

July 17, 2013 § 2 Comments


Night crawls away in retreat

and we unruffle through the grey of dunes,

the tall buildings scattered amidst.

We pick oyster-shells on pretty lawns

and collect silk waters flowing through the mouths of high-set gargoyles.

The theatre has been swept underneath

where actors still make jests,

and you could hear them over the crashing sound of waves

Around the corner, a flimsy ice-cream parlor

continues selling salt-cones, unabashed and miserable

We try to unfold the ways

but the houses howl, with wide open jaws

When the rain pelts mercilessly, we run to the bar

and in a toast to the endless bickering of our thoughts

We lower two fishes into our glasses

and have them, on rocks

But the dunes run amok on the roads and climb atop the balconies

they tug at our ties

so we take the spoons

and have dustfuls of dry delight

Before the course ends, drums roll into the bar

and whisper the wretched gossip of the town

The town that is tinsel and ash

and the scent of bacon at very odd days

Even the high-set chimneys punctually scream of misery

while we take a stroll downtown

and hide us in our shadows, by the tower’s shade

The tide comes in cool and low at first, a gentle kiss of reassurance

It is endearing,

even when it smells rancid voyages and stale wrecks

and of the storms that must come still

So we lower ourselves, one thought at a time

Caressing the seaweed with our grey pallor

and the sea marches forth, overwhelming –

one resignation at a time

A hint of aqua pain blinds my eyes

as I see emerald lights and pretty mermaids

and the thin flakes of gold, resting on my skin

The world turns to a quickening trail of lights and colors

seeping into my eyes, and guts, through a pinhole

and when I draw everything in, it grows blank

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